Terms of Use for Video2mp3.net

The user understands and agrees not to download and convert any copyrighted material. Video2mp3.net does not in any way condone or support the conversion of copyrighted material. Instead we are simply a tool in order for users to convert and enjoy non-copyrighted material. If you are the owner of copyrighted material and learn that that material is being converted to Mp3 on this website, please report any violations to report_abuse@video2mp3.net. We will then block that particular video from being converted to Mp3 and all future attempts will be blocked.

The user of this service is solely responsible for all material converted. If the user converts copyrighted material or video that is not authorized for conversion the user takes sole responsibility and video2mp3.net or any of its affiliates are not responsible in any way for the material that is being converted. Furthermore by utilizing this service the user agrees not to convert any copyrighted, trademarked or unauthorized materials by any third party. By utilizing this free service the user agrees to all of the previously stated terms of service and does not hold video2mp3.net accountable for any of the material converted to Mp3.